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The Aji Amarillo chili is a spicy South American pepper with vibrant orange-yellow skin and fruity flavor. It may be said that is it possibly the most important ingredient in Peruvian cuisine, as it is incorporated in a number of national dishes.

If you are a chef who loves cooking Peruvian or South American dishes, or a supermarket, grocer or deli specialising in South American produce, you’ll already know how difficult it is to source farm grown Aji Amarillo chilli.

Exotic Chillies are here to help! We are specialist producers of some of the worlds most rare and hard to source chillies in Australia.  We also produce chillies with varied heat ranges from the Habanada (0 on the scoville scale) to the Chocolate Bhutlah (2 million + on the scoville scale).

We are currently producing a consistent supply of Aji Amarillo chilli which are available for purchase.

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Aji Amarillo

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    Peruvian cuisine

    Peruvian cuisine signifies local practices and ingredients containing inspirations from the indigenous population, including the Inca.

    The main traditional staples of Peruvian cuisine include potatoes, corn, and other tubers, Amaranthaceous (quinoa, kañiwa and kwacha), and legumes (beans and lupins).

    Many traditional foods such as quinoa, kwacha, Aji chillies, and several roots and tubers have increased in popularity in recent decades, reflecting a revival of interest in native Peruvian foods and culinary techniques.

    What you can do with this amazing Aji Amarillo chilli does not need to be limited to just Peruvian food it can really be used in anything. We just recently made a trial batch of chilli plum sauce using it and the results were awesome.

    Aji Amarillo paste

    One of the key ingredients in Peruvian cooking is ají Amarillo paste. And I don´t mean store-bought paste, even though you can find this product in many markets and stores. Cooks (both professional and home cooks) all over the country make their own ají Amarillo paste on an almost daily basis, as it is a part of most of their recipes.

    Use this paste in any recipe that calls for ají Amarillo paste, such as salsa huancaína, ají de gallina, and causa.

    How to make Aji Amarillo paste

    1 – Start with fresh ají Amarillo’s

    2 – Cut them in half and discard the seeds and veins. To do this, protect your hands from the heat of the peppers with plastic gloves.

    3 – Cook the peppers in simmering water for about 5 / 10 minutes.

    4 – Drain the peppers and let them cool. Peel the ají Amarillo’s

    5 – Transfer to the blender, add a couple tablespoons water or vegetable oil, and process until creamy.

    Now you are ready to make most Peruvian recipes that call for this brightly coloured and perfumed ingredient.

    Freeze this paste in ice cube trays and keep them in plastic bags for up to three months.