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Black Hungarian

This is a Black Hungarian that I personally reviewed, I found the Black Hungarian to be a very tasty chilli with not much heat. The pepper in this review was not completely ripe they actually turn a deep red once fully ripe. I did try one of the fully ripe pods and they do develop a bit more head once ripe. However I would not consider these to be a hot chilli. My 7 year old son actually loves these and he is not a fan of spicy food.

Mini Piperka

Yum, the Mini Piperka is one of the better tasting chillies I have tried. It is not real hot, probably a little bit hotter then a jalapeno it would be the perfect to make a nice sweet chilli sauce. They have a very fruity flavor almost like cherry. Not only do they taste great they are also very cool looking. The have got stripes on them which is called corking.

Black Naga

If you don’t care about taste and want a chilli that is going to give a good burn then this is a chilli you should try. The burn on this pod is not instant, it takes about 15 seconds of chewing before the heat starts to kick in. But once the heat starts it keeps building for a good 3 to four minutes. When I ate this Black Naga the heat lingered for a good 30 to 40 minutes – it would be a great choice to use in Indian cooking if you want to create heat but still taste the dish.

Mexican Beef

Gs Catering cooking a Mexican Beef using the chilli factories Carolina Reaper Paste.

The end result is a really tasty Mexican Beef with a bit of attitude thanks to the Reaper Paste NEW Guinness World Record

Be careful, not for the faint at heart! This paste is made with the hottest chilli in the world!

Chillies Over Winter

Well we have just entered winter and the chili plants are starting to feel the cold. I’m not sure what everyone else does over winter but this is basically my approach to growing chillies over winter.

Firstly to give you a bit of an idea on the climate we are dealing with. Our winters are not that harsh, so keeping them alive is very achievable. We normally get a lot of wind, rain and the temps range from -1 deg Celsius to around 16 deg Celsius (30.2F – 60.8F). On the odd occasion we do get early morning frost.

Deseeding Chillies

Growing Chillies part 1.

In this video I demonstrate the method Exotic Chillies use to harvest chilli seeds.

Learn how to remove the seeds from fresh store bought chillies. There are many ways you can get started on your chilli garden but this is probably the most cost effective method, perfect for the home garden.

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