Producers of rare and exotic chillies

About Exotic Chillies

Greetings chilli heads

Welcome to Exotic chillies. Both myself and my wife Laura are in control of this spicy operation. Growing chillies is a relative new venture for us. We have been growing exotic and super-hot chillies for a little over 18 months now. We started off with a few super-hots and now we have got multiple species and hundreds of plants.

So why and how did we get into growing chillies? Well it all started one Saturday afternoon sitting in front of the computer watching random YouTube videos when I stumbled upon one of Ted Barrus’s pod reviews. After having a laugh at Ted chomping down on a super-hot Carolina Reaper I searched the web some more and uncovered a whole new world full of chilli heads.

Exotic Chillies focus is to grow and produce fresh and rare chillies.